Dancing Phoenix Heirlooms

Original Artwork 
Yvonne Erlichman
"Forged out of passion.
Offered from the heart." 

Custom Portraiture As Unique As You

"Watch as I bring life to color, texture, and shapes that are perfect expressions of your feelings, thoughts, and memories."

As a classically trained artist, I craft every piece carefully with the gift of creativity fired with the genuine passion to create a unique masterpiece for you. It is important to build a strong relationship when I work with you, as this allows me to understand your needs and ensure the final piece is something you will be proud to share for years, if not generations, to come.

Creating timeless pieces that are close to your heart.

What better way to preserve wonderful memories then to capture them in exceptional paintings you can proudly place in a personal space to reminisce about any time you want?

We all carry memories deep in our hearts we would love to remember forever. Allow my expert hands and keen eye for detail to transform your precious memories into timeless keepsakes for your family and friends.

I have worked with individuals and families who continue to put trust in my expertise and service. No matter the occasion or subject, I will surprise you with a one-of-a-kind custom product you will love.

Skillful in a variety of mediums to suit your vision.

I cater to your diverse needs from oil painted portraits of a loved one, friend, family, or pet brought to life on canvas, to smaller scale works in mixed mediums geared to fit your budget.

Dream it & Create it

I take great joy in collaborating with my clients to find the true nature of an individual and express that in a form they can connect to from the depth of their being. This can also prove to be an adventure that produces fascinating insights.

Oil Paint, Graphite, Chalk
or Other Mixed Medias

I can find beauty regardless of the chosen medium of expression or scale of work. However you choose to celebrate or remember a family member, special place, or artifact I can meet your needs and budget.

Pet Friendly

My love for animals stands alongside my love for art, and what better way to commemorate a loyal companion than to immortalize them on canvas, wood, or paper to keep them in your view long after they’ve left this earth.

Fine Art

Original Artwork Available for Purchase 

Get in touch.

I would love to hear from you, and am happy to discuss the process of personal portraits or fine art purchases. I am also open to other ideas and projects you may have in mind.
Email: yvonne@waterhorsetreasures.com 
Phone: +1 (647) 281-9815