About Yvonne Erlichman
"The longest road you'll have to walk is from your head to your heart."

My love for art began at an early age when I asked all my neighborhood friends to sit still for hours in our garage while I drew their faces. Thanks to their patience and co-operation I established a solid foundation for a skill level that was enhanced much later through enrollment at OCAD and the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada.

In an effort to understand what goes on under the skin I graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto specializing in the Jungian approach. A belief system that embraces all of nature and respect for the planet we live on brings forward the richness and depth of approach I bring to every commissioned work of art.

I mix my own pigments and prepare paint surfaces with great care. Each unique piece represents hours of dedication and attention to detail designed to capture the essence of the subject and immortalize the person, place, or event for generations of viewers to appreciate.

Every project is executed with the utmost care and the fire of passion I have dedicated my life to sharing with all of humanity. Art brings us together regardless of culture, race, or creed and communicates through the language of the heart. I would be honored to hear your heartsong and bring it to life.